According to a report by IHS Markit, people of our generation keep the same vehicle for 79.3 months, or nearly seven years on an average. Thanks to the high tech gadgets, advanced style, and great branding car companies have been pouring into their products.

So the question is what would interest you the most if you intend to keep a car for long?

JAC motors suggest it’s 5 year/150,000 km car warranty.

But is it worth being an element that supports your decision for buying a car?

That’s exactly what we are here to find out!

We have listed down the 5 benefits of a 5 years/150,000  km car warranty. Regardless of the period, you want to keep your car, these pointers can benefit you immensely.

1: Peace of mind

Why do we earn? Or spend?

If we get to the core essence of the reason, it is simply to gain peace of mind. You work hard to keep your family warm, safe, and fed because it gives your mind peace.

A car warranty of 5 years covers a good period and even if you love to drive, 150,000 km isn’t easy to cover. Imagine spending all that time and all those long drives without a wrinkle on your forehead. You spend time with your loved ones without worrying about the maintenance cost that might occur anytime and anywhere.

2: Increased Resale Value

So is an extensive car warranty good if you don’t intend to keep your vehicle for long?

It very well is because we all know how the cost goes down when you sell the same thing you once bought for so much more. Resale with a vehicle service contract not only raises the cost but also conveys to the potential buyer that the car was most likely well maintained since most issues were covered. Basically, a lengthy car warranty not only favours in the long run but also oils the wheels for a short term car keeper.

3: Savings

It may be stated as a universal fact that maintenance costs burden more than the actual purchase. And if 5 years are in regard, it may even reach the actual cost of the purchase. An extensive warranty lets you save money over time and keeps your peace of mind for the possibility of any huge problem with the car. 5 years is a long time for saving, no?

4: Your car is taken care of by the best

You look for the best dentist, the best salon, and everything best in the town.

So why not choose the same for your car? A car warranty not only guarantees the savings but makes sure that your car is taken care of by the best, the very makers of it.

A prolonged warranty like the one JAC offers quality service and ensures no amateur touches your precious machine so that it stays original for 5 years without costing you more than a smile.

5: Advocacy

Why do we have best friends?

Because it feels so good to know someone has your back. Similarly, an extensive car warranty offers you the back by the experts of the automotive industry. No matter how much you research or Google for repairs, there is always a chance of missing out on tiny but important aspects. And the fact that making repairs isn’t important only to you but the company as well because your car is their brand after all makes the repair work much more credible.

JAC motors provide a long car warranty of 5 year/150,000 km (Whichever comes earlier) along with a reasonable price for an advanced technology vehicle. This combination of the offer is what sets JAC apart from the other players in the region.

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