Amongst the new lineup of JAC consumer vehicles, the JAC M4 is the MPV that offers the most space and practicality, along with various other features as well. Packed with Sedan-level M4 is an economical option for businesses for transporting their cargo and large families to take everyone for the ride!

Sleek and modern design

The M4 has a design philosophy that circulates around a stable structure, modern aesthetics and maximum practicality. With the M4 you can expect to haul more cargo and get more work done without having to compromise on aesthetics!

Complete Suite of Safety equipment

With more space to fit more people comes greater responsibility for safety. The M4 sports a strong rigid Chassis that can withhold large impacts. Followed by airbags and all the electronic stability programs such as ABS, EBD and ESC. The M4 also has a Tire Pressure Monitoring system that can be seen through the digital screen between the tachometer and speedometer.

Intelligent Vehicle Suite and Smart systems

The M4 boasts a list of luxury features that are very uncommon in MPVs of this price-point. These features include an 8-Inch Multimedia screen on the centre console which has a car-smartphone link and reversing camera. This is mixed nicely with an automatic climate control system which can be operated through the centre dash. All of these combine to make the ride in the M4 substantially comfortable compared to other Mini-Vans at this price point.

Fuel Efficiency

With an option for a 2 Litre VVT engine or a 1.9 CTI Engine, the M4 gives just the right amount of performance for you to haul your stuff without worrying about extra fuel costs!