For the launch of JAC’s new unbeatable lineup of consumer vehicles, let’s look at the flag-bearer of this arsenal. Named the S3, this sub-compact SUV is a fun, sporty package that houses class-leading features and specs!

With a wide variety of compact and subcompact SUVs to choose from in the market, available with a diverse set of features at different prices, the JAC S3 holds up to the competition strongly. the S3 beats a lot of the competition based on the features it offers at this price.

We’ve listed down the Top-5 features you get in your JAC S3:

  • An Array of Radar-Based Driver warning capabilities:

The S3 has 8 sensors around the vehicle that help aid the vehicle’s lane departure warning systems. It also helps drivers park their car easily in tight spots!

  • 360 Degree Panoramic imaging

The S3 has a full suite of cameras placed around the exterior of the vehicle which creates a complete 360-degree imaging of the vehicle in the cars 8-Inch Infotainment screen to aid the driver in parking the car in a snug spot!

  • 6 Litre VVT Based Engine with CVT

The S3 comes with a 1.6 Litre Motor that produces 118 Horse Powers and 150 N-m of Torque. The engine has a variable-valve timing technology that plays a crucial role in making the S3 both powerful and fuel-efficient, based on the driver’s driving style!

 Class-leading storage capacity

The S3 sports class-leading seating and storage capacity. Seating 5 people and a truck capacity of 600 liters which is extendable to 1,800 liters thanks to the foldable rear seats which is greater than a lot of other vehicles at this class and price point.

  • Class-leading fuel efficiency

The S3 leads its class in fuel efficiency for non-hybrid SUVs as well thanks to its Euro-V emission standards compliant engine. Customers can get downwards of 14 – 16 Km/L average fuel consumption depending on their driving with the automatic variant of the S3!

  • And much more!

These features are just a tip of the iceberg for the wide array of features, you can look at more detailed specifications here! All-in-all, the new S3 is a perfect option for someone who is looking for a feature-packed SUV with class-leading storage and timeless design!